Greetings and Farewells

Well, here we are at last and it’s about time. I finally just closed my eyes and hit that enter button. I’m glad you are here with me as I finally take the plunge and undertake this journey into the popular world of “get thee healthy!” that most people are immersing themselves into, trudging along in the perpetual quest for a better quality of life. Although for some time I have had a mild interest in wellness and health, there are several issues that have prevented me from really exploring those interests in a fuller degree.

First and foremost is my borderline unhealthy love of food. Mainly rich foods. Like cheese. My love for cheese is almost to the point of being obscene and pornographic. Sadly, I’m getting mildly aroused right now typing this as I’m thinking about cheese. Then there’s bacon. Let me not even get started on bacon. Bacon is ambrosia from the gods. Everyone knows it’s the most delicious confection ever created! It makes me feel all soft and quivery like Jell-O on the inside. ANYWAY, as I was saying, I really enjoy cooking and eating. Its been several years now that I can afford to indulge the tickling of my taste buds. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of tickling. In fact, as my income rose, concurrently I added about 30 extra pounds of fat through a lot of “innocent” taste bud titillations.

The other issue is my semi-sedentary lifestyle. As a youngster I was quite nerdy, partaking of a lot of minimally social activities such as reading and playing video games. It was all fine and dandy while I was very thin and my metabolism was sky high. Then, as I got older (of course), things began to slow dowwwwn without me realizing it. Quite recently and all of a sudden, it dawned on me. You can’t eat the ridiculous amounts of crappy food you’ve been used to and still fit into your super hot and sexy jeans that you spent hundreds of dollars on because they’re so cool, hip and trendy even though maybe you’re a tad too old to wear them but that old ass celebrity Blah Blah can get away with it since she’s famous. Most definitely not if what you call “aerobic exercise” is to go shake your booty once or twice a week while consuming frothy alcoholic drinks that each have the caloric content of a Big Mac. Sadly and to my dismay, bliss in ignorance just won’t work.

Now, as middle-age looms darkly before me and way too close, I feel the criticalness and pressure to buck up and straighten out before I drop dead from clogged arteries and/or another nefarious disease I could of possibly prevented with a little care. Those nagging thoughts bring me here. To you and this venue of expression. I look forward to sharing my journey. Hopefully, my stumbles will mean something to someone out there. At the very least, I can document that I made an attempt not to expire by my own devices…or vices.


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