Sugar Is Not My Kryptonite

Chocolate, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts…sounds sexy doesn’t it? Are you drooling yet? Ooey gooey sugary dessert treats are all dreamily wonderful concoctions and the downfall to many well-intentioned diet efforts. Desserts look so pretty and smell delicious, making it so incredibly hard for many to resist sticking your face in them. Except for me. Luckily, sugar is not or has ever been my kryptonite.
Popular belief is that baked goods and sweets in general are specially irresistible to women. Most of the blame gets placed squarely on the shoulders of our naturally flunctuating hormonal cycles. Commercials for anything from diet products to clothing stores use that premise as the basis of their message the way they use hot chicks and sexual innuendos to sell all sorts of things to men.
Somehow, I was lucky enough not to develop much of a sweet tooth. Now, let me be clear. I’m not saying I would never partake of such things (just in case anyone would like to gift me some tiramisu, wink). I’m just saying I can easily say no thank you and mean it when a giant lump of double chocolate cake is shoved in in front of my pie hole without thinking twice about it.
The only exception to that rule is alcohol. I have no problem drinking my calories. The frothier and sweeter the drink the better! It is definitely a hardship for me to turn down an offered glass from a freshly made pitcher of sangria. Ok, that actually never happens. Ever.
Way back, about thirty pounds ago pina coladas were one of my favorite drinks, along with many other frozen happy juices. When I found out how much sugar and calories I was ingesting in three or four of those, there was a lot of pearl clutching, praying to the heavens and forswearing all of them to my dying day. That, of course, didn’t last long. I still enjoy them every once in a while. However, they are no longer my go to drink of choice. I’m not sad about it or feel deprived…anymore. Sort of. Ok, maybe a little.
Fine, I sob violently inside as my heart breaks when I see some skinny chick sucking on a strawberry daiquiri and I’m sipping my crappy vodka and club soda. There, are you happy now?! Dammit.

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