Exercise? Let’s Get Physical. Really.

Exercise seems to be part and parcel with diet when is comes to losing and managing weight. It’s the only component in any weight-loss plan that does not change across the board. Regardless of what diet is chosen to be followed, exercise still has to be a part of the plan so any goals set can be reached.

Aerobic exercise and I have never really been good friends. Although we used to hang out together a lot whenever I would go dancing, lately its been like that acquaintance that you try to avoid seeing because she’s loud, obnoxious and embarrassing but everybody you know keeps telling you how she’s so awesome once you get to know her and you should see her more often. Total guilt trip because you’re the asshole who can’t see the awesomeness yet. Unfortunately, once again time and age has curtailed the frequency and vigorousness of my aerobic activities. There are so many aches and pains that bloom as the years pass by. Sometimes, its just the fatigue of the daily grind that gets ya down.

Strength training, on the other hand, hasn’t even been a remote aquiantance. We kinda nod an acknowledgment when we pass each other in the halls but like that co-worker you bump into when using the employee restroom, we’ve never been formally introduced. The few times I’ve used a gym (keyword: FEW) I’ve steered clear of those medieval torture chamber looking contraptions. There’s just too high a likelyhood of humiliation due to a horribly gone wrong usage attempt. I can’t take that gamble. It always seems to be a select group of people in a special club that know exactly how to manuver and fully utilize those machines to the fullest extent. Someday maybe I’ll be motivated enough to make an effort of infiltrating the secret society of weight machines without seriously hurting myself or someone else. Until then, if I venture into a gym, I’ll just stick to the fun times on the cardio machines. Whoopee.


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