The Shame Of Careless Whispers


Daily Prompt: Careless Whispers

It all starts with an idea. A mischievous idea seed that germinates into a malicious thought and as it grows, poisons the thinker. Who knows where this seed comes from. It may have already been there with many others, inside the thinker. It may have been placed there unbeknownst to the thinker. This thought would do harm only in its thinker’s head and little else, but for the fact it is let out.
The thinker has a group of acolytes that hang on every word. Much amused by the cleverness of this blossomed concept rooting in their mind, the thinker feels compelled to share the toxic fruit of the tree. The acolytes feast on the venomous fruit, which in turn settles its seed in their minds spreading the innocuous infection.
Now the thinker and the acolytes gleefully make and drink juice from the noxious fruit. They revel in its decadence and encourage others to partake. The juice of the fruit is sweet to those that spread it and a bitter acid to the victims it’s poured on. If a cup is offered, the punishment for not drinking is to be targeted as a victim. No one wants to be the focus of this group and their evil. So you drink and laugh and agree. You alienate and tease and taunt.
The sufferer has no recourse. The sufferer cannot share in their own torture. The sufferer can only hope for the day the cult will substitute them with someone else. In the meantime, they cower in fear, mired in the loneliness of their pain. Someday they will be free from the circle. It’s a temporary moment in time. But the hours are long and the days float by ever so slowly.
Strength is not a limitless resource. Treading water can not be maintained endlessly. Soon enough, gravity and currents take their toll. Resistance becomes less worth the effort. Then you just let go.


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